How to dance
true colors….

Stop doing what's
expected and start
listening to your heart.



My book, How I Learned To Dance Yellow, is coming soon

211, 2016

What Wolves Taught Me About Worthiness

Photo by:Jessie May Wolfe Many of us have grown up to believe in the “big bad wolf,” but how many of us have actually met a wolf? I had the opportunity to spend a day with wolves at The Apex Protection Project, a sanctuary in Palmdale, California that rescues and rehabilitates wolves and wolfdogs. One of the main goals of The Apex Protection Project is to debunk the myth of the big bad wolf by educating the public on the true nature of wolves, which is actually very similar to humans.  During my day at the rescue I learned about [...]

1010, 2016

3 Truths I Learned from Planning a Wedding in Two Months

Photo by: Amy and Stuart When people found out I had set a wedding date two months after I got engaged, they were shocked. It was almost unheard of to plan a wedding that quickly unless you were planning on eloping or doing a civil ceremony. Granted, our wedding was only for immediate family and a handful of friends, but we still had 60 people to plan for. Having a wedding in two months made the most sense with our life circumstances, work and family schedules at that time. I admit it got a little crazy for the 10 days [...]

1409, 2016

What I Wish I Had Known About Having a Miscarriage

Photo by: Ballet Zaida It seemed like an eternity waiting in the doctor’s office with my fiancé for our first prenatal appointment. My doctor greeted us with so much enthusiasm and excitement for our child to be that we couldn’t help but feel just as positive. When she asked me “What do you want to do first, ask me questions or see your baby?” I said, “See my baby! I want to know that it’s in there.” I don’t know if I subconsciously suspected something was wrong or if that was a normal reaction from any expectant mother. There are [...]


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